Welcome to My Blog

Hi! 🙂 Welcome to my blog! This blog is more like an online (public) journal where I talk about all my favorite food, fashion trends, makeup, and skincare! I’m always looking for the next best thing and I’ve always wanted to share my excitement with the world and now I feel like I finally can!

FOOD – For health reasons, I have given up red meat and pork. I’m also trying to slowly cut out chicken but that’s just because I feel a lot more healthy when I don’t eat meat. I stick to a pescatarian diet 95% of the time. I used to never like being in the kitchen but during quarantine it became something like a new hobby. The art of creating recipes and nicely plating food makes me so happy!

FASHION – I love simple, chic, & street fashion. My closet is filled with basics and staple pieces! Below is what my current color palette (Summer 2020) consists of:

The bottom three colors usually change depending on the season. I know pastels are usually for spring but this year, they have definitely moved on to the summer season. I basically just mix and match these colors with basic tops and maybe a skirt or pair of mom jeans. I can’t wait to show you my favorite outfits and accessories!

MAKEUP – I love natural makeup! I usually only wear foundation on special occasions but on a regular day, I usually stick to my concealer and liquid blush! Oh, and I couldn’t forget my eyebrow gel! I will be sharing my favorite products to use; a mix of drug store and items on the more expensive side.

SKINCARE – With everything else, I keep my skincare simple. For my skin personally, less is more! So I use the bare minimum but love the occasional face mask and extra pampering of the skin! I’ll show you my go-to skincare!

So again, welcome to my blog! I’m so happy to finally share all these fun and exciting things with you! I hope reading this blog leaves you refreshed and happy!


Taylor McCarthy

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