5 Tips on How to Look Amazing in Photos

I love taking photos because it’s a snapshot of that particular moment in life. It’s something I will be able to look back on and remember the good old days! But, sometimes if I haven’t taken a photo in a while or I’m having a rough day I can find myself feeling awkward and stiff.

I try to remember some tips I’ve learned which I now get to share with you! So keep reading to find out my 5 tips on how to look amazing in photos!

Tip #1: Shake it off!

(You’re definitely singing T. Swift right now!) But seriously, if you’re feeling stiff and awkward in front of the camera and are determined to get that photo simply start by shaking it all off! This helps you relax, feel refreshed and ready to go!

Tip #2: Take a Bunch of Photos!

Have the person taking your photo take a bunch of photos even when you’re not posing because something shockingly good could come out of it. This way, you will look more natural in your photos and it won’t appear forced. You really can’t go wrong with taking a bunch of photos, just make sure you have supportive loved ones behind the camera.

Tip #3: Know Your Angles!

I can’t stress this enough! Knowing what angles work for you is sooo important because odds are the person taking your photos is not going to know your best angles and lighting. Being able to direct the person behind the camera helps you get the best photo. Getting to know your angles and lighting means you have to practice. That’s right! You can practice in the mirror, you can practice by taking photos of yourself or having someone taking photos of you. It’s all about getting familiar with what works for you.

Tip #4: Inspiration!

There is nothing wrong with getting some inspiration from your favorite influencers/celebrities. Let’s make sure we don’t force what doesn’t work for us – different things work for different people. But have fun with it and stay true to you! Looking at an influencers instagram poses should only inspire you to create fun ones of your own, instead of mimicking exactly what that person was doing in their photo.

Tip #5: Work with Your Surroundings!

Don’t just ignore what’s around you, but work with your surroundings and make it work with you! Every girl has gone out to dinner and posed for a photo with a glass of wine or some sort of hard beverage because it comes off as relaxed and casual. So scope out your favorite scenery and think of cool ways to work with it!

Below are some examples of different poses that work for me:

I hope these tips inspire you and get you more camera ready! I have so much fun taking photos and I hope this allows you to have more fun taking photos too!

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