Trendy Jewelry From Amazon

As fashion evolves faster and faster it gets harder to keep up with the latest trends! Keeping up with trends is just way too expensive. We see influencers and celebrities wearing the best clothes and shiny new jewelry! When we see someone looking good in what they have on, we want to look good and feel good in what we have on too, so we try to emulate what we see online. A more affordable way to do this is finding dupes.

One place to find great dupes is Amazon! Yep! That’s right, Amazon! Some eyebrows might be raised right now but don’t worry, we get to dive into my great experience buying trendy jewelry from Amazon.

Lately, I’ve seen so many cute pieces of jewelry that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on. Some of the pieces were too expensive for me, didn’t seem worth buying, or the reviews said it tarnished. I didn’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but I searched for similar jewelry on Amazon and I found the exact styles that I wanted. I’m a freak about buying jewelry that won’t tarnish or make my skin green, so I make sure to always look at the reviews.

Personally, I only like to wear silver. Gold is such a trend right now but I can’t get myself to wear it because I just don’t think I look good wearing it. So when looking for jewelry on amazon I make sure to add “sterling silver” to every search. This usually means it’s decent quality and won’t tarnish. This is so important because we want the stuff we buy to last!

Here is the trendy jewelry from amazon I have bought. Click the picture to buy it yourself:

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