Summer Vacation, Fashion & Photoshoots

I’m so thankful I got to escape reality for a week and go to pawley’s Island for summer vacation! During the trip, I took so many cute photos! I have attached some photos below showing off some cute swimsuits, outfits, and poses! Some items I’m wearing in the photos will be linked.

I’m absolutely in love with how these photos turned out! The sunset photos are unmatched and give off the best lighting. I tried to do more relaxed poses by myself, but tried something a little more cutsie with my boyfriend – we usually get stuck doing the same side by side pose. Top from Garage. Shorts from Pacsun – I cute some old jeans into shorts.

My friend and I were annoyed because it was raining all day, but once it stopped this double rainbow appeared and of course we ran screaming and took photos. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Dress is from Princess Polly.

A lot of great photos during my summer vacation were taken during a sunset or golden hour. I took a lot of photos this day to finally get a few I liked – just one of those days. I worked with a bunch of different poses to find what worked with the outfit and what worked for me that day. The top is from Free People.

My friend and I swam to a neighboring island just to get the photo on the left. It was definitely kinda cool, but a little scary at the same time!! Also, posing with friends can be challenging when you wanna break out of the same side-by-side pose, but this cute pose on the right kinda mixes things up without feeling like you’re trying too hard. This is so effortless and always a good go-to pose with the bestie!

I was inspired by some photos on instagram and liked the effortless “I’m not paying attention” look. I positioned my body facing away from the camera to make my short legs look a little longer. The setting here also makes the photo. Good scenery is always important.

This is such a cute simple pose to do with a friend! It’s so effortless but so cute! Top is from target, but I’m not sure they sell it anymore. You can also get it at Urban outfitters.

Golden Hour never fails! But when you can’t figure out what pose to do just put one leg across the other. Somehow you instantly look more put together when doing this small pose. Definitely a good go-to pose. Tank is from Target. Skirt is from Princess Polly.

For more on poses, check out my recent article: 5 Tips on How to Look Amazing in Photos.

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