“Me Time” is Important

For a long time, I didn’t understand the true importance of “Me Time.” I never really prioritized it until recently. Now, I set hours aside every week to spend time by myself and do whatever I want in that moment and appreciate…me!

Below is a list of some of the things I like to do during my Me Time. I’m hoping this will inspire someone to set time aside for themselves and possibly try something new:

Blogging – This may be obvious! But I love sharing my thoughts and interests with you all and hope to grow a tight-knit community. I want to simply inspire people. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, don’t wait! “Just do it” – Nike.

Journaling – Journaling is a bit different than blogging for me. When I journal, I use it as a time for reflection; I look over what progress I’ve made based on previous entries. I also write down goals and other small things things that I want to happen. It’s so rewarding to look back at old entries and see that I’ve grown and that I’ve reached my goals. I definitely recommend journaling if you like getting things down on paper and would like to reflect.

Drawing – I’ve started drawing again and this just passes the time. It also clears my mind because all I’m focused on is creating art. I usually like to play music while doing this – I can’t deal with complete silence. Anytime I’m stressed I just draw and draw and draw. I think everyone has a creative sign, you just have to tap into it.

Online Window Shopping – I know I’m not the only one who looks at so many clothes online but end up not buying anything. Sometimes we may even go as far as loading our cart with so many items and then emptying it…anyone else…no? Okay. This is definitely nice to do when I’m bored and just feel like seeing what trends are out there. Check out my Fall Trends Blog!

My favorite places to shop currently:

Watching Youtube Videos – I love watching youtube in my free time/Me Time! I usually like to get fashion inspo from influencers and watch true crime videos – definitely a range of different things!

Here are the youtubers I enjoy watching!

Beauty and Fashion:

  • Jeffree Star – He is controversial but he’s definitely entertaining to watch. I love his makeup review videos.
  • Kelsey Simone – She has such chic and simple fashion!
  • Jackie Aina – Jackie is the best!! I love watching her videos. She’s so entertaining to watch and is so talented!
  • James Charles – Also controversial at times, but he’s so talented and I’m amazed on how successful he is now.
  • Jules Jacobson – She’s a lifestyle and fashion vlogger and definitely has great taste!
  • Viviane Audi – Also a lifestyle and fashion vlogger. I love Viviane’s style and I always feel like I learn a lot from her videos.

True Crime

  • Kendall Rae – She is sooo good at reporting on true crime cases and I love binge watching her videos (during the day lol).
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved – The two guys, Shane and Ryan really add witty humor to the true crime videos. This definitely helps watching it if you get a little scared with these kinds of videos.
  • Bella Fiori – Bella is a beauty guru but also has her Mystery Monday series which I look forward to every week.

Pampering – I pamper myself by doing my own nails and eyebrows! I don’t trust anyone to come near my brows. I also will put on a face mask and take a nice, hot shower. This just relaxes me so much and makes me feel more put together.

Here is a list of some of the products I use when pampering myself:

Reorganizing – Oh my goodness! When I get into a cleaning and reorganizing mood, there’s no stopping me. I love reorganizing my space because it makes it feel new and fresh. Reorganizing also motivates me to get other things done! I would definitely recommend changing up your space once in a while.

Me Time is so important to my mental health, personally. It helps me recharge and focus on the things I love doing in the comfort of my own home. I really hope you were inspired to try something new during your “Me Time,” whether it’s trying a new product or picking up a new hobby! Please comment if you tried anything from this blog! Thank you 🙂

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