Fall Trends I hate

There’s so many Fall trends I love, but there are also a few trends I can’t stand seeing sometimes. Some other Fall trends I just don’t believe would look flattering on my personally!

Collared Knit Tops

I’m not sure why I hate this trend as much as I do. I’ve just never been a fan of collars like that. I think I would just feel like part of the cast of That 70s Show. The collar knit tops just seem a bit cheesy to me.

Sweater Vests

This looks good sometimes, depending on how someone styles it. I think overall this looks like you stole the vest and button up from your dad’s closet and I’m not really for it.
This also gives me Chandler Bing vibes…eh.

All White Outfits

I stick with the “no white jeans after labor day” idea and I think an all white outfit is especially a no-go! ALSO, I would get that whole outfit dirty in a second!

Let me know if you agree and share some trends you like or don’t like! If you would like to see some trends I love, take a look at the Fall Fashion Trends I love by checking out My Fall Wishlist and my Fall 2020 Fashion Trends post!

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