6 Things I Do to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

I gained about 20 pounds in college. After graduation, I was desperate to lose that weight and tried many dietary changes, but nothing seemed to work – the whole process was a lot harder than I expected. Through trial and error, I have found something that specifically works for me, has helped me lose 15 lbs, and reach my new goal weight! Disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for the next person, and it’s important to find what does work for each person! Here are 6 things I do to lose weight and keep it off!

Go On a Walk Everyday

This helps my mind, body, and soul! I love going on walks and it’s a simple way to get in some exercise and keep my body active, especially because most of the day I work at a desk!

Drink the Suggested Amount of Water

I make sure to drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water everyday! I also at time, add some lemon juice. Lemon juice helps with digestions, boosts immune function, provides an energy boost and more! Drinking water can also help reduce sugar cravings and the obvious, it hydrates you which is so vital for proper body functions!

Balanced Portions

Ya girl likes to eat! There’s no way I could not eat certain foods like bread, pasta, pizza, and all that stuff that people normally say should be limited or completely taken out of a diet. How realistic is it to cut out these foods for extended periods of time? I know for me personally, not so realistic. So, I made sure to establish a balance in the meals that I eat. So if I want that pasta or pizza, I will make sure I have a salad on the side. My veggie portions are always the largest on my plate, protein and grain/carbs/starch are the smaller portions. Obviously not EVERY meal is going to be this way, but I try my best to make almost every meal work this way.

Limited Sweets and Salty Snacks

Whew! This one is hard for me because I have such a sweet tooth! Period cravings also make this hard. But I usually try to only have a single serving size based on the nutrition label, or sometimes even less than the recommended amount. Sometimes, if I’m craving sugary foods, I will eat fruit instead because I get that sweetness and it’s a much healthier alternative than those brownies!

I also crave chips a lot! So, instead of eating chips all the time, I’ll try whole wheat crackers and maybe some guac on the side! I’m not saying it’s the healthiest but if in moderation, it’s definitely a healthier alternative!

Eating at Specific Times

For my body, it helps to be on a schedule! This simply means eating around the same time every day. Setting a schedule helps your body know when it’s time eat – this helps prevent overeating and helps digestive health.


Consistency is key! There was a time I would try extreme diets like juice cleanses or sticking to 1200 calories or Keto and none of it stuck because I wasn’t eating enough or I wasn’t eating what I enjoyed to eat. From my experience, moving from one diet to another actually made me gain weight because there was no consistency and my body had no idea what was going on – there was no time for my body to adapt to any dietary changes.

These are the 6 ways I have lost weight and kept it off!

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