About Me:

Taylor A. McCarthy

Communications & Marketing Professional

Services and Skills

Career Accomplishments


I’m a Communications & Marketing Professional who thrives in fast-paced environments while bringing a contagious enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation into my everyday work life. I’m confident in my abilities to manage multiple tasks, implement creative problem solving strategies, and work both independently and with a team.

I’m currently a Communications Coordinator for Madison House Autism Foundation. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to: managing social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin), drafting and sending out press releases, spearheading digital-first campaigns, email marketing, (virtual) event preparation, and a lot more! I also manage the internship program where I’m able to facilitate and foster partnerships with Colleges/Universities state-wide, and recruit and mentor multiple interns who aspire to be Communications/Marketing professionals.

In my freetime, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking because it exercises the body and decision-making skills. I love everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related because it allows me to be express myself. I share my outfit ideas, beauty/skincare, and recipes on my social media to inspire men and women who share my interests. Since starting this 6 months ago, I increased my following by 75 percent. I have 25% engagement on posts and 50% engagement on stories. I have used my social media skills to help small businesses in my area develop their online presence (social media and website).

Some underestimate the importance on social media, marketing, and communications efforts, but with the world at your fingertips anything is possible – you just have to know how to navigate it.

Mission: To utilize my creativity and skills/talents as a Communications/Marketing professional in the fashion, beauty, and/or lifestyle industry.